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SR’s Summer Fund Drive ends today, Sept. 1. Keep the contributions coming!

The Socialist Resurgence Fund Drive began on June 1, and we were able to exceed our original Fund Drive goal of $8000 in less than a month. Now, with a few days to go until the end of the drive, we have collected over $12,000. We urge our readers to please keep the contributions coming!

You can donate online at the following link: https://chuffed.org/project/srfunddrive

  As our Summer Fund Drive winds down, we find ourselves in the middle of the largest global class-struggle upsurge in decades. A million workers took to the streets in Santiago, hundreds of millions went on strike in India, and now people in Lebanon are pouring into the streets, calling for “revolution!” Britain, Germany, France, and other countries saw sizable Black Lives Matter rallies, taking their inspiration from the George Floyd actions in the United States. Virtually every corner of the world is seeing working and oppressed people mobilizing in the workplaces, streets, and schools. Even in the imperialist centers, the social movements are beginning to shake capital at its very roots.

While the two U.S. parties of capital scramble to see who can better repress the movements and transfer more wealth from working people to their bosses, Socialist Resurgence offers an alternative. The Democrats and the Republicans have refused to put people’s lives over corporate profits in the middle of the largest public health crisis this country has seen in 100 years. Through socialistresurgence.org and working with rank-and-file union and non-union workers, SR has participated in developing a full plan of action to respond to the pandemic on not only a national but also an international level. 

Socialist Resurgence is an organization that fights for the total liberation of all humankind. We believe that the only class that can lead this fight all the way to the end is the working class, in all of its gender, national, and linguistic diversity. Our program is based on over 100 years of struggle against class exploitation and oppression in the U.S. and internationally. 

We are a new and growing organization. Since we formed in December 2019, Socialist Resurgence has been involved in the labor movement, and has been fighting for women’s and queer rights, immigrant and racial justice, and against police brutality. We have also been organizing against the coming climate catastrophe—which can only be solved with workers taking power into their own hands. SR’s work in the mass movements is coalescing in our independent socialist campaign for Connecticut State Representative in the First District, Dan Piper. 

In order to facilitate this work, which includes webinars, educational programs, and on-the-ground reporting for our website, Socialist Resurgence needs funds. Already, SR has seen a great show of confidence from readers and supporters, smashing our original Summer Fund Drive goal of $8,000 in less than a month, and our subsequent goal of $10,000 in a matter of days! As of this writing, we are well above $12,000!

Every cent donated to this campaign goes towards building the workers’ movements. $500 buys 10,000 double-sided postcards with a fighting class-struggle program. $1000 can send multiple comrades to international conferences to create solidarity and connections within the global labor movement.

You can donate to the Summer Fund Drive today at: https://chuffed.org/project/srfunddrive