The SR winter appeal campaign has ended. We exceeded our goal of $3000, raised in less than a month’s time. We had a slight technological glitch at one point and had to take the appeal down. At that time we had raised $2575, just shy of our goal. When we put the campaign back up, the funds that we had already raised were not displayed. However, we were able to raise another $525, thus exceeding our goal, and in total raised $3100. These funds will help us to restart production of a regular printed newsletter beginning this spring.

Thank you to all our supporters for helping us reach our goal. We have had two successful fund drives since our founding in December 2019. These campaigns are vital for our organization to continue to be able to produce quality printed literature as well as to improve our technological abilities on this website and in professional podcasts and webinars. Again, thanks to all who have financially supported our work.  

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