The Politics of Ecosocialism - The Bullet

Sun. Nov. 7 * Online * 1 pm ET, 12 pm CT, 10 am PT

Working people and oppressed communities are suffering from an escalating climate crisis. Why have capitalists been unable to stop climate change? Capitalism’s relentless drive towards profit brushes aside the real emergency and proposes solutions that leave loopholes for corporations to continue polluting undisturbed. That’s why we face a growing economic crisis for working people, the extinction of ocean life, the potential irreversible destruction of old growth forests, desertification, unleashed zoonotic diseases, and pollution filled air in our urban centers. This includes the attack on indigenous lands. 

Hear experts and activists from around the world explain why the solution must be eco-socialism. An eco-socialist future is one in which we can democratically plan the work of reversing climate change and providing real economic justice for those who work for a living. 


  • Daniel Tanuro: a certified agriculturalist and eco-socialist environmentalist, writes for “La gauche”, (the monthly of Gauche-Anticapitaliste-SAP, Belgian section of the Fourth International)
  • Samanta Wenckstern: University of São Paulo geography and philosophy, co-author of eco-socialist pamphlet Colapso Ambiental and member of the PSTU-Brazil
  • Elham Hoominfar: Assistant professor in the Global Health Studies Program at Northwestern University. She was active in Iran working and researching with rural communities rising up against water transfer projects, and in opposition to commodifying the water of local communities
  • Christine Marie: 20 years of building social unionism as rank and file activist, a decade in 350 CT, RSN member


Sponsored by the Revolutionary Socialist Network