Workers’ Voice is publishing a dossier of articles (see links below) written by members of the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International in the 1930s. These were contributions to debates on the character of the Japanese invasion of China, and demonstrate the evolution of these positions as the U.S. entered the war against Japan. We also include documents from the Trotskyist press on the Italian colonial war against Ethiopia of 1935-36.

We believe that this chapter of our political tradition offers directly relevant lessons on the current debates across the Left over the character of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the tasks for socialists in response to the war. In particular, some current discussions revolve around the question of whether socialists should support sanctions against Russia, as well as the socialist position in regard to imperialist military aid to Ukraine. We think that reviewing the record of the discussion in the Trotskyist movement on these two wars of the 1930s will help to provide perspective on these and other questions of today. We thank the Marxist Internet Archive ( for making many of these texts available to the public.

Workers’ Voice Information Bulletin #1 April 2022

Second Italo-Ethiopian War (1935-36) & the position of Trotskyists

Information Bulletin #3 – The SWP and the Second Sino-Japanese War


Additional documents: SWP and FI Dossier on the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945

Photo: A woman soldier of the Ethiopian resistance against the Italy, 1935-36.